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I have been running a bioinformatics consulting company called Bioinformatics Research Laboratories Co., Korea since 1999. The company is located in Dong-Ah Venture Tower, which is one of the agglomerations of start-ups in Daeduk Science Town in Taejon, South Korea. I have been teaching bioinformatics courses since 1998. The home pages for the courses are here. If you have any question about bioinformatics, please send me email.

In addition to above, I am also working as the chief bioinformatics officer at Bioneer. Co., which is one of the biggest biotech companies in Korea.

Below is some formal information about me.

Positions Held


Teaching Experience

Professional Activities

Sponsored Research

  • GEO SOFT Database System, Korea National Genome Information Center (2005)
  • MAGE-ML Compliant DNA Microarray Database System, Korea National Genome Information Center (2004)
  • DNA Microarray and Large Scale Sequencing Software Development, Bioneer Cooperation (1999-2000)
  • Factual Database Promotion and Development, Ministry of Science and Technology (1996-1997)
  • Automated Fingerprint Identification System Technical Survey, National Police Agency (1996-1997)






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