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You can use software packages in this section for scientific data processing and visualization. These packages are usually end user programs as opposed to software libraries . These packages have a shorter learning curve and are more user friendly. But, they may not be as flexible as a software library that you can link with your code.
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Software Packages   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

ACE/gr (xmgr, xvgr) -- general 2D XY plotting package with mouse control.
AIPS [GPL] -- calibration, data analysis, image display, plotting on astronomical data.
AIPS++ [GPL] -- astronomical information processing system.
NEW Aipsview -- a tool for two-dimensional visualization for FITS image files.
ANA -- extensive, interactive data and image processing software package and language.
ASGL -- preparing PostScript plots from simple data files.
AVS5 [CM] -- powerful software suite for data visualization and analysis.
BIRCH -- clustering and density analysis for any large dataset using limited computational resources.
Candis -- general purpose analysis and display system for gridded numerical data.
CDAT -- climate data analysis tool with visualization.
chart [GPL] -- simple, non-interactive program for drawing data charts.
CRDtools -- climate research data tools provides data extraction, analysis, and visualization functions.
NEW cv -- interactive HDF/HDF-EOS visualization tool from the U.S. Geological Survey.
CViz -- Java based visualization tool for high-dimensional, large, complex data sets.
DATAPLOT -- command driven program for data analysis.
DAVID -- data visualization and diagnostics system.
DEVise -- an environment for data exploration and visualization.
diag [GPL] -- converts numeric data, written in an ASCII-file into a diagram in EPS-format.
DODS -- distributed oceanographic data system.
Draco -- data reduction and analysis.
EnSight [CM] -- powerful data analysis/visualization for scientists and computer-aided engineers.
Envision -- management and display of large multi-dimensional arrays of numerical data.
FC-Plot [GPL] -- a scientific analysis/visualization tool for Unix/GTK.
Ferret -- a visualization and analysis application for analyzing large and complex gridded data sets.
NEW Flounder [GPL] -- visualize regularly spaced 4D data.
FPLOT -- plot ASCII data file into postscript file for printing or viewing.
frame_integrate -- programs for viewing/integrating 2D x-ray or neutron diffraction images.
FTOOLS -- utility programs used to create, examine, or modify the FITS data files.
fv -- a graphical tool for viewing and editing the FITS format file.
GEMPAK -- a set of programs for the analysis, display, and diagnosis of meteorological data.
Genplot [CM] -- powerful and flexible plotting package for scientific/engineering data.
NEW GGobi -- a data visualization system for viewing high-dimensional data.
GIANT/PITSA -- consistent analysis of large, heterogeneous sesmological data sets.
GiD [CM] -- a universal, adaptative and friendly pre/post-processing system for engineers.
GLE -- publication quality graphs, diagrams, posters and slides.
Glove -- data acquisition, manipulation and analysis program for UNIX/X.
GMT [GPL] -- manipulating data sets and generating plots.
GMV -- an easy to use, 3D visualization tool for data of structured or unstructured mesh.
Gnuplot -- visualize mathematical functions and data.

Xgfe [GPL] -- a GUI front end to the Gnuplot plotting package written with Qt library.
GPLOT -- a CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile) processor.
Grace [GPL] -- an easy to use and powerful 2D plotting software.
GTKWave [GPL] -- a wave viewer which reads AET files and allows their viewing.
Guppi [GPL] -- plotting data and performing simple statistical manipulations with GUI.
h5util [GPL] -- conversion utilities to help visualize HDF5 files.
HDFLook -- a comprehensive application for viewing NCSA HDF science datasets.
Histo-Scope/NPlot -- tools to select and display histograms, ntuples, and scalar variables.
Horizon -- a Java package for browsing and visualizing scientific data.
IRIS Explorer [CM] -- a powerful visual programming system for data visualization.
jgraph [GPL] -- filter for graph plotting to postscript.
NEW JPlot [GPL] -- an easy-to-use, visual plotting program written in Java.
JSQLVis [GPL] -- fast data visualization for SQL DBMS.
kpl [GPL] -- two-dimensional graphical presentation of data sets and functions.
KPlotW/KPlot [GPL] -- a plotting widget and an interface to it.
Khoros Pro 2000 VPE [CM] -- visual prototyping environment for data processing/exploration/visualization.
KUPLOT -- an universal plotting program for 2D and 3D data sets.
LDM -- a set of programs that select, capture, manage, and distribute meteorological data products.
LinkWinds -- visual data exploration system.
NEW MayaVi [GPL] -- a cross platform and easy-to-use scientific data visualizer.
McIDAS -- a suite of applications for analyzing and displaying meteorological data.
Mesh-TV -- visualizing and analyzing data on 2D and 3D meshes
Mgraph -- easy to use graphic software for fast visualization of 2D scientific data.
NCAR Graphics [GPL] -- integrated environment for data processing and scientific visualization.
NCO [GPL] -- a software suite to facilitate manipulation and analysis of netCDF or HDF files.
NCSA HDF Java -- Java HDF Interface (JHI) and Java-based HDF Viewer (JHV).
nep -- an interactive data plot program based on BLT.
NodPlot [GPL] -- a scientific data plotting software for 3D structured meshes.
Open Visualization Data Explorer -- an application and development software package for visualizing 2D/3D data.
P+owerGraph [CM] -- easy-to-use tool for making scientific graphs with high quality.
PAW -- an instrument to assist physicists in the analysis and presentation of their data.
PenguMetrics [GPL] -- software collection for the operation of optical (UV/VIS/NIR) spectrometers.
PFlow [GPL] -- an X11 Qt baseed program for use in introductory fluid dynamics course.
PHYSICA -- a high level, interactive programming environment for data analysis and visualization.
Ploticus -- script-driven and non-interactive plotting software.
PLOTMTV -- various 2D and 3D plotting formats.
PLOTTAB -- general purpose plotting code for discrete and/or continuous data.
plotutils [GPL] -- plotting of scientific data and the drawing of vector graphics.
PM3D [GPL] -- a program to transform 3D data to grayscale or color maps.
Ptool -- a software tool which provides persistence for data.
PXI -- n-D data plotting program.
PV-Wave [CM] -- analysis, visualization and application development to scientific data.
Quickplot [GPL] -- a fast interactive 2-D plotter for large or small data files.
robot -- scientific graph plotting and data analysis tool.
SaGA [SR] -- Matlab toolbox for geometrical modeling and spatial data analysis.
SampLin [GPL] -- a scientific data acquisition and visualization software.
SciGraphica [GPL] -- project to develop scientific plotting software similar to Microcal Origin.
SEPLIB -- seismic processing system for UNIX platforms.
SM [CM] -- an interactive plotting programme with a flexible command language.
spec [CM] -- X-Ray Diffraction and Data Acquisition software.
Spinne -- a program to check 2D representations of high-dimensional data.
STAPLOT -- a Matlab tool for graphical analysis of hydrographic or other irregularly spaced data.
StarChart [SR] -- X/Motif utility which generates charts from datasets.
NEW Table Lens Server [CM] -- graphical data exploration and analysis.
Tecate -- exploratory visualization system.
TecPlot [CM] -- plotting program for visualizing and analyzing engineering and scientific data.
UltraScan -- data analysis package for sedimentation velocity and equilibrium experiments.
VCS -- visualization and computation system.
VFleet -- a volume renderer which can run either locally or in a distributed mode.
VIGIE -- comparing numerical results of hypersonic speed and magnetic filed simulations.
Vis5d [GPL] -- interactive visualization of large 5-D gridded data sets.
Vis5d+ [GPL] -- enhanced version of Vis5d volumetric visualization program.
vgp -- visualizing series of 3D vectors with mouse controls.
Vplot -- a plotting package with many screen and hardcopy devices.
WebWinds -- a Java based interactive science data visualization system.
wgrib -- a program to manipulate, inventory and decode GRIB files.
WXP [CM] -- analyzing and displaying meteorological data and satellite images.
xcosm -- removing out-of-focus light in 3-D volumes collected plane by plane.
Xdang -- vector, contour plots, and color maps on structured grids.
xfarbe -- contouring program for iso-lines. [GPL] -- create bar charts in XFig files.
XGobi -- data exploring interactively.
XGraph with animation -- animations of line plots.
Xgraphic -- easy to use graphic software to plot curves.
XmdvTool -- visually explore multivariate data in a variety of methods.
xpplot -- a quick and handy tool to plot data.
Xprism Pro [CM] -- a professional 2D and 3D plotting tool.
XYPLOT [GPL] -- a plottig and data analysis tool.
xyplot [GPL] -- a two-dimensional graphing and plotting package.
yap -- display and print 2D slices of 3D rectangular grids.
yplot -- scientific plots from large structured data file.
ZigZag [SR] -- a software for a new kind of rationally connected data structure.
zimg -- generates png images out of almost arbitrary formatted 2-D data.

Also Check Out:
Amira -- visualization and reconstruction for 3D image data.
ATNF Visualization Software -- a set of visualization software using Karma library.
[B/D] -- an interactive programming language allows analyses of Bayes linear statistical problems.
CFDRC Software [CM] -- a complete CFD system with pre/post-processing capabilities, like visualizing/procesing data.
CLASP -- a tool for visualizing and statistically analyzing data.
DINO -- a visualization program for structural biology data.
ESO-MIDAS [GPL] -- tools for image processing and data reduction with emphasis on astronomical applications.
GrADS -- an interactive tool for the analysis and display of earth science data.
IDL [CM] -- data analysis, visualization and application development.
IRAF [GPL] -- general purpose software system for the reduction and analysis of scientific data.
ISee [CM] -- a complete image acquisition, processing, analysis and presentation software.
LabVIEW [CM] -- graphical programming environment for data acquisition/control/analysis/visualization.
MATCOM [CM] -- MATLAB to C++ translator and C++ matrix class library.
MatView -- a scalable sparse matrix viewer.
Megahedron [CM] -- multifaceted rendering, animation, simulation, and virtual reality software.
polyr -- a program to make polygons from a volume.
RRD Tool [GPL] -- a system to store and display time-series data.
S-PLUS [CM] -- exploratory data analysis and statistical data mining.
Starlink Software Collection -- many data processing programs for astronomers.
VolVis -- a volume visualization system.
Yorick -- fast interpreted languages for numeric computing, analysis and processing.
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