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Table of Contents Bioinformatics Exercises  11-19
A.Questions. DNA Microarrays II (Genome Annotation) Bioinformatics Exercises  10-27
A.Questions. DNA Microarrays I (Expression Profile) Bioinformatics Exercises  10-26
Videocasts of mathematics courses Mathematics for Biologists  10-24
Videocasts of biology courses Biology  10-24
Videocasts of introductory statistics Statistics  10-24
Videocasts of computer science courses Programming and Computer Science  10-24
Recommended books on biology Biology  10-24
Books for Background Studies (Personal Recommendations) Useful Links about Bioinformatics  10-24
Bioinformatics Books Useful Links about Bioinformatics  10-24
Recommended books on computer science Programming and Computer Science  10-24
Books on introductory statistics Statistics  10-24
A.Problems. DNA Microarrays Bioinformatics Exercises  10-19
A.Questions. Gene Ontology Bioinformatics Exercises  10-14
A.Questions. Biological Literature Data Processing Bioinformatics Exercises  10-14
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