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  Terms in Biology
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(Below is a list of biological terms. I used it as an extra point assignment for the class I was teaching in 2000, when many non-biology majors wanted to take a bioinformatics course. I happened to find it today while I was looking around the old directories on my hard disk. I just put it on this board without too much hope that someone out there may make some use of it.)
This assignment is for non-biology majors only. You don't need to write long answers at all. Just write down very brief descriptions for each. This assignment is not to give you a heavy load of work, but to give you a chance to read through a book for the basic background necessary for the course.
  1. nucleoside, nucleotide
  2. major groove, minor groove
  3. oligomer
  4. homopolymer
  5. hybridization
  6. denaturation
  7. heteroduplex
  8. polymerization
  9. topoisomerase
  10. kination
  11. glycosylation
  12. quarternary structure
  13. signal peptide
  14. central dogma
  15. codon
  16. intron, exon
  17. promoter
  18. primer
  19. operon
  20. PCR(polymerase chain reaction)
  21. restriction endonuclease
  22. plasmid
  23. cloning
  24. isoelectric focusing
  25. frame shift mutation
  26. pseudo gene
  27. repetitive sequence
  28. homologous recombination
  29. euchromatin, heterochromatin
  30. telomere
  31. haploid, diploid
  32. mitosis, meiosis
  33. gamete, somatic cell
  34. homozygote, heterozygote
  35. genotype, phenotype
  36. organelle
  37. in vivo, in vitro
  38. apoptosis
  39. prokaryote, eukaryote
  40. archaea
  41. hydrophobic, hydrophilic
  42. ion channel
  43. B cell, T cell
  44. conformation, configuration
  45. constitutive, facultative