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  Top 10 Bioinformatics Challenges
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아래는 2002년도에 나온 이야기라 이젠 조금 시간이 흘렀고 아래에는 없는 새로운 문제들도 나왔지만, 대개는 여전히 유효한 이야기입니다.

Top 10 Bioinformatics Challenges

Ewan Birney, Chris Burge, Jim Fickett in Genome Technology, Jan 2002

1. Precise, predictive model of transcription initiation and termination: ability to predict where and when transcription will occur in a genome

2. Precise, predictive model of RNA splicing/alternative splicing: ability to predict the splicing pattern of any primary transcript in any tissue

3. Precise, quantitative models of signal transduction pathways: ability to predict cellular responses to external stimuli

4. Determining effective protein:DNA, protein:RNA and protein:protein recognition codes

5. Accurate ab initio protein structure prediction

6. Rational design of small molecule inhibitors of proteins

7. Mechanistic understanding of protein evolution: understanding exactly how new protein functions evolve

8. Mechanistic understanding of speciation: molecular details of how speciation occurs

9. Continued development of effective gene ontologies - systematic ways to describe the functions of any gene or protein

10. Education: development of appropriate bioinformatics curricula for high school, undergraduate, and graduate programs