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  [HapMap announcements] New datasets and features at
  Writer : Seyeon Weon     Date : 10-11     Hit : 8039    
  트랙백 주소 :
The website of the International Haplotype Map Project has a number 
of new features and datasets which have been released today.

New Features at
- When browsing data from release 21, there is now a new "region" 
  view.  This is intermediate between the detailed view, and the 
  chromosomal overview.  The region view displays 200kb, giving a 
  broader overview of the chromosomal region while greater details can 
  still be seen concurrently in the detailed view.
- There are new tracks in the browser which display expected LD 
  values (r^2) within windows along the chromosome
- Recombination rates and hotspots data are now available for release 
- There is a new plugin which downloads phased genotypes for the 
  region being browsed.  Under the configuration options, one can chose 
  the panel to download, as well as additional options filtering the 
  SNPs.  To download, select "Download Phased Haplotype Data" under 
  "Reports & Analysis".

New datasets:
- The raw data (CEL files) from the Affymetrix GeneChip 500k Mapping 
  Arrays on the HapMap samples are available for download.
- Genotypes inferred using the method of Burdick et al. (Nat Genet 
  38:1002-4).  Starting with the genotype of 60 CEPH individuals, the 
  methodology infers the genotypes for 78 CEPH children in the same 

Albert Vernon Smith
HapMap Data Coordination Center