Bioinformatics Exercises
  B.Computer. Unix
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  1. Grep and Regular Expression:

    Read the help documents by issuing "man grep" and "info grep". Download prosite database ( from Using grep, find out how many entries are in the database. How many "PATTERN" entries and how many "MATRIX" entries are in the database?

    Grep all "PATTERN"s from the database. Among them, how many of them have more than two occurrences of tyrosine.

    You may need to use "wc". Also, try to use pipe.

  2. GNU textutils:

    Read documents at Grep values from prosite.dat for "total", "true positive", "false positive", and "false negative" using "grep" and "cut". Create 4 files, one for each category. Paste these 4 files into a single file using "paste".