Bioinformatics Exercises
  B.Computer. Getting Started with Computer Tools (with some off-the-subject questions)
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  1. A very loose definition of bioinformatics can be anything with computer to do biological researches. Of course, you should have seen many different kinds of narrower definition of bioinformatics around so far. Since there are so many different ones, we may be better off to use this loose definition. It may be the only true definition. However, let us dissect a bit formally. To deal with information, we need both how to represent biological phenomena inside computer and how to use or analyze the representation to gain some useful knowledge. Both parts of bioinformatics are still in their infancy and you may be the person who can create some critical breakthroughs in the future. In that sense, briefly and informally answer the following questions:

    (a) Describe what you are most interested in and what you want to do most in the future.
    (b) For that, how are you preparing (or will you be preparing) yourself?
  2. Understanding of the various modeling and problem solving techniques from modern artificial intelligence is also important as the so-called "users of bioinformatics tools". We can often confront misconceptions about them among biologists. For example, overfitting is one of the major concepts that has to be understood. Also, this is one of the reasons behind how demonstrations of software can be made to look so great. If you have had any actual experience about this, briefly describe here. If you have not had such, make up one now and describe what you would do to prepare for a demonstration assuming that you have to sell or show off a sequence analysis program.
  3. Get a software tool that can plot mathematical functions. Draw several different polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions. Also, grab a book on algebra, remind yourself of the calculations with these functions.