Bioinformatics Exercises
  A.Questions. Protein Structure
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(For those who have taken the courses and want to submit for evaluation, please read the instructions linked on the table of contents page. Most of the questions below have straightforward answers from the material in the corresponding courses, although a few questions require some further studies, which are still based on the course material.)

  1. Many proteins are composed of domains. What are the reasons for it?
  2. Fold is the term referring to the regular arrangement of secondary structures in proteins. Some folds are very abundant among proteins. Those proteins are obviously not belong to a single homologous family. What would be the reason for the existence of such folds?
  3. What are the conditions in which homology modeling can be used?
  4. What are the conditions in which threading should be used instead?
  5. What is the rationale behind so-called structural genomics project?